MONOFILM is an art collective, established in 2014, consisting of the Berlin-based Korean dancer Wooguru and the Vienna-based Bulgarian new media choreographer Antoni Rayzhekov. We are working in the field of contemporary dance, music and emerging technologies. Our collaboration started within the framework of the workshop “Choreographic Coding Lab #2” organized by CCL and MotionBank - a dance choreography and technology research project by The Forsythe Company, in September 2014 in Berlin. In early October 2014 we met at the art residency ATALAIA Artes Performativas - Ourique, Portugal, where we outlined the main objectives of our research and future collaboration in creating the performance Alteration.

In late October 2014 we got supported by Theater Spielraum - Vienna, to conduct a series of research experiments in the field of new media, dance and sound. Within that period we created our reactive audio-visual instrument - a specially designed electro-acoustic system including motion tracking, vibration and bio-feedback sensors, driving the sound and visual aspect of the performance, controlled in real-time by the performer.

Our motivation is to investigate on new choreographic strategies emerging from the interaction between performer and technology in the context of contemporary dance and interactive media. By using motion tracking, movement and gestural analysis in combination with wireless biofeedback sensors we amplify different aspects of the performer and the performance itself. Some of the studies, we have undertaken were related, to the implications of the new media on the contemporary performance as an attempt to identify a contemporary solution where technology is situated as a creative partner, investigating its digital behaviours and occurring creative nature, examining it as a new space that demands new choreographic strategies and dramaturgical mechanics.


Antoni Rayzhekov is a Bulgarian media choreographer, performer and sound artist - based in Vienna, Austria. He studied theater directing(MA) and acting(BA) at the Academy for Theater and Film Arts “Krastyo Sarafov” - Sofia, Bulgaria and jazz music improvisation – at the Vienna Konservatorium. He worked as a consultant in informational technologies for United Nations in Vienna and in the period 2008 - 2013 he cofounded the Vienna-based new media label THIS.PLAY – focused on interaction design. Currently he is a guest lecturer in Interactive media at the University for Applied Science - St. Pölten, Austria and independent artist.
“My work is focused on exploring the synergies between generative music, contemporary performance and participatory art by designing reactive audio visual instruments that amplify different aspects of the performer and the performance itself as an attempt to communicate the invisible.”


I am a dancer pursuing the completely unified body with sound. Sound occurs as a result of physical movement. And body is the origin of all sound which we made. So body movement is the unified one with sound in origin. And I focus on this primitive area for materializing a tangled core. This is an origin of creation of my being. And I realize it as it is through my body. I am working in Berlin as a freelance choreographer and dancer only for my piece. I’ve performed with my works in TanzTage Berlin 2014, Resonanz_Körper Festival_in Frankfurt (Main) 2014, 10 times 6 with Nelly Hakkarainen in Berlin 2014, Verdecoprente Festival in Terni, Italy 2014 and so on. And I’ve been in various artists in residence program such as CAC residency in New York 2014, Atalaia residency in Portugal 2014, Verdecoprente in Terni, Italy 2013, HomeBase Build in Berlin _residency 2013. And I was selected by Movement Research in NYC 2012 -but it was canceled because of NYC address.

http://vimeo.com/wooguru | http://wooguru.wordpress.com


“ALTERATION” is a new media and contemporary dance artwork, discovering the radical core within us, which is an origin of creation, before it manifests itself in the physical world. We want to capture those impulses using emergent technologies, including biofeedback and motion tracking, and use them as material for creating an "alternated" time-space. The body is a membrane. It is interacting with it, being a source and consumer of it. Our body is the first material of our being as it is. And this is a small, but complete private universe. Therefore, it is impossible to meet the future without the consideration of the body.

We engineered a reactive audio-visual environment acting as a performative instrument and partner. This is where we explore and embody different synergies between dance, music and light. We examine the emerging creative digital behaviours from such reactive audio-visual environments as a part of nature. Through our artistic practice, we investigate on how to co-exist in such new environments by researching on new choreographic strategies emerging from it. Our goal is to create a real-time synthesis between them, resulting in one homogenized and complementary whole, embodied in our performance “ALTERATION”.


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